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252 Scheme

The 252 scheme is open to all P.A.C. Members.

The object of the scheme is to encourage Achers to work on their technique and increase confidence in their ability to score consistently at different distances. The distances shot will be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80 yards.
Different colour badges will be available for each distance achieved.
252 scores do not count towards handicap or classification.


  1. AGB Rules of shooting apply

2. 6 Sighter arrows permitted before scoring

3. 36 arrows per round

4. Rounds to be shot in ends of 6 arrows on a 122mm target face with 5 zone scoring

5. Any attempt for the appropriate bow score must be the first round shot that day and can be the first 3 dozen of an Imperial round.

  • For the first 3 dozen of an Imperial round please circle the 6th end total and write 252 next to it on your score sheet. If scoring on an app, (phone), Archers will need to complete a 252 score sheet.

6. You may only claim one round score per day.

7. Scores for each distance must be achieved twice to receive the
appropriate badge.

8. Distances can be shot in any order.

9. Completed score sheets, signed by another Archer, can be left in the clubhouse for recording by the scheme organiser who will maintain a database of scores and badges claimed.

10. Differring scores are required for different bow types. (See Table)

Distance (Yds) Award Recurve Score Compound Score LongBow Score BareBow Score
20 WHITE 252 280 164 189
30 BLACK 252 280 164 189
40 BLUE 252 280 164 189
50 RED 252 280 164 189
60 GOLD 252 280 164 189
80 PLATINUM 252 280 126 164