Membership All our members have completed an approved Archery GB’s beginner’s course either at this club or elsewhere. This is a requirement before anyone can shoot or be accepted as a full member of any club. Existing archers can apply for immediate membership, however, both practising archers and beginners must have their applications approved by at least four members of the committee before being allowed to shoot or becoming a full member. P.A.C. Membership fees are payable at the end of March/first week of April. Archery GB Membership fees are payable in the first week of September prior to the A.G.M., which is normally held in the third week of September.

The Archery G.B. formerly(Grand National Archery Society (G.N.A.S.))the governing body of the sport in the U.K. They provide an administrative function and cover clubs and archers with insurance. All members receive the society’s magazine Archery U.K., four times a year.

The Souththern Counties Archery Society (S.C.A.S)which covers Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, and represents our region on G.N.A.S. Committees. The S.C.A.S. organises competitions in various archery disciplines and holds regular meetings to discuss issues affecting clubs and archers in its area of influence

The Hampshire Archery Association (H.A.A.), which governs the sport in this county, has its committee made up of members from different clubs within the region. Its role is not dissimilar to that of the N.C.A.S covering the same issues at a more local level. ◾World Archeryformerly (Fédération Internationale de Tir à l’Arc(FITA)) is the governing body of the Archery sport throughout the world